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Garment Hangers

Plasticity is highly respected in offering Top hangers to customers in Tirupur.We indulge in offering a wide range of Garment hangers for customer .Garment hangers are specially manufactured using ideal grade materials and advanced high-tech loyalty to pre-defined excel rules. These products can be obtained in different designs and sizes. Garment Hanger is very showcased and attractive design, crack resistance and light weight nature.

There are three basic types of clothes hangers. The first is a wire hanger, which has a simple loop of wire, most often, in the form of a triangular flattened that is still on the hook on the cover. The second is a wooden hanger, consisting of a flat piece of wood pieces bouncing shaped with sanded edges to avoid damaging clothing, tying, and usually metal, which protrudes from the tip. Some wooden hangers have a rounded bar ending to the end, forming a flattened triangle. This strap is designed to hang pants belonging to a jacket. The third and most commonly used type in the world today are plastic hangers, which mostly mimic the shape of wires or wooden hanger. Plastic coat hangers are also produced in smaller sizes to accommodate children's clothing forms.

Plastic hangers have clips along the bottom to hang the skirts. Custom skirt and pants hangers cannot use a triangular shape at all, instead of just using a bar with clips. Other hangers have small rings of two upper straps hanging rods from tank covers.

Why Us?

We have been able to create a favorable environment for ourselves in a highly competitive market of plastic products. Some of the factors that distinguish us from other companies in the industry are: Experience in industry 10 years It offers a wide range of products:

  • Source of raw materials from reliable suppliers
  • Highly experienced and trained
  • Strict quality controls
  • Competitive price Timely and safe delivery

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